eBook helps B2B marketers position for marketing success

The process outlined in “How to position for marketing success” guides you through the process of claiming a position in your market, one that sets you apart from the competition and significantly improves marketing effectiveness. It takes you through a proven business process for positioning, step-by-step.

The second edition of the eBook includes summaries of each chapter, tips, reminders, exercises, scenarios and links to relevant blogs written since 2014 by Messages that Matter co-founder Lawson Abinanti, who compiled and wrote the eBook.

By following the process in the eBook, readers avoid these problems that keep many B2B software and technology companies from claiming a position in their market:

  • Failure to make a claim that is important to the target buyer;
  • Lack of differentiation;
  • Inconsistent execution of a positioning statement and failure to tap into the power of repetition.

“How to position for marketing success” emphasizes the importance of identifying the No. 1 target buyer’s most pressing problem, and then creating positioning statement options that solve that problem or one of the top problems. Once viable positioning statement options have been identified, they need to be tested uniqueness.

How to differentiate is covered extensively in the eBook, and has a companion perceptual mapping tool that makes it easy to see how a company is positioned relative to the competition.

But an important, unique positioning statement is useless unless it is consistency executed in all marketing communications, and repeated over and over for an extended period of time. The eBook explains that target buyers will listen when sellers demonstrates an understanding of their problems, and clearly communicates the benefit it offers to solve the problem. Then keep repeating it over and over.

The eBook complements Messages that Matters’ workshop that is offered on-line or on-site. The eBook costs $159 and includes the perceptual mapping tool. Both are included in the $300 on-line workshop fee.

You can download a free version of the eBook that provides a quick overview of the Messages that Matter positioning process.

The first version of the eBook was released in July, 2016. It was based on work done by Barry Briggs soon after he and Abinanti co-founded Messages that Matter in 2001. Briggs’ original eBook was six pages. The core concepts are as relevant today as when Briggs developed the foundation for the process while at Microsoft in the mid-1980s.

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