Stand Out From
The Crowd


You’re not in business to blend in.

When you sound like your competitors, no one listens. Take your company out of the “me too” crowd by learning our unique way of doing positioning and message strategy development. Offered via a two-hour workshop on-line or on-site, you’ll discover a proven business process for positioning that has been taught to hundreds of B2B software and technology marketers around the world.

Click here to learn more about the workshop or watch this video recording of a recent webinar: Message Strategy Development Made Easier.

ebookLearn on-line how to do positioning

The Messages that Matter positioning workshop is now available on-line. It is a more convenient and cost-effective way to learn how to do positioning by following our time-tested business process.

Free eBook!

Get a quick overview of our business process for positioning by downloading our free eBook,“Positioning – How to talk so the market will listen,” or pay for the advanced version. You can also download a white paper about why you need a business process for positioning.

Our workshops – on-site and on-line – are based on 25-plus years of experience in many different B2B software markets. Click here for more information about the workshops and how they will help you claim a unique space in your market. Click here to sign up for the web workshop available at your convenience.

fixitProblems our positioning workshop solves

If you can relate to any of these positioning or messaging problems, our positioning workshops can help:

  • Your competition uses the same benefit statements as you use
  • The claims you make fail the test of credibility
  • You aren’t stating a compelling benefit, or you’re stating too many in a “shotgun” approach
  • Specialist jargon is a barrier to prospect understanding
  • Your stakeholders are confused about the differences between features, advantages and benefits
  • The benefit statements you use are too long for prospects to understand

The solution is to implement a business process for positioning by signing up for our “how to” workshop on the web. Messages that Matter has taught our process to hundreds of B2B software and technology marketers. We believe that companies should have a business process for positioning just like they have a business process for closing the books each month. The better your business process for positioning, the more successful your marketing efforts will be.

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