What is positioning and how can it improve marketing?

When colleagues, peers or marketing consultants refer to positioning, what do you think they mean? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. read more

Do BI vendors ignore competitors’ positions or follow the herd?

Why do so many Business Intelligence (BI) software companies use “insights” as their position? Of the 19 BI companies evaluated in this 4th annual assessment, more than half (11) position around the notion of “insights.” read more

Can ruthless positioning be bloody?

The podcast host immediately pounces on my off-the-cuff assertion that you need to be ruthless when you do positioning. “That sounds very bloody,” says Kerry O’Shea Gorgone, host of the MarketingProfs podcast series “Marketing Smarts.” read more

A simple approach puts you on the fast track to positioning success

Note to the reader: This was written to complement an AIPMM webcast series: Positioning simplified. The fast track to positioning success read more

A positioning process that builds consensus

One of the most important goals of the positioning process I teach is to foster buy-in and consensus to the message strategy you create. You can achieve buy-in and consensus by involving as many stakeholders as is practical throughout the process and getting management approval at the end. read more