How to differentiate when you aren’t different

In the early days of B2B software, it was common for companies to have functionality no one else had in their market. Differentiation was relatively easy. Just identify the benefit of a really important piece of unique functionality and you had a potential positioning statement. read more

Answer four questions to determine if it’s time to change your position

If there is a valid reason to change your position, this is the best time to do it while there is a lull in the action. Your target audience is thinking about vacation, not buying software. You’re probably juggling less balls in the air and have a little time to think about positioning. read more

Show off your message strategy on LinkedIn

Want to get more attention and mind share on LinkedIn? Consider using your message strategy for posts, comments, profiles and the overview on your company page. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to do and how much more effective your LinkedIn presence will be. read more

No consistency and repetition. No position!

What happens when you aren’t using your position enough? By using it enough I mean consistently executing your position as the theme for all marketing communications. And repeating your position as much as possible in every marketing communication, and especially throughout your website. read more