Can ruthless positioning be bloody?

The podcast host immediately pounces on my off-the-cuff assertion that you need to be ruthless when you do positioning. “That sounds very bloody,” says Kerry O’Shea Gorgone, host of the MarketingProfs podcast series “Marketing Smarts.”

Kerry then quickly asks what I meant by being ruthless. Hear my response when the podcast goes live Wednesday at 9 am Central.  In the broad ranging interview, Kerry asks a number of penetrating questions about my approach to positioning. Ruthlessness is one example. There are others as we discuss the value of positioning and factors that affect it.

Being ruthless helps you uncover the unvarnished truth about your product, and nothing sells better than the truth. However expect resistance to your ruthlessness when seeking input and feedback during the effort to converge on the ideal position. It can get bloody especially when dealing with egos, biases and unfounded beliefs about the wonders of your product.

Here’s how to be ruthless and the bloody battles that could negatively impact the effectiveness of your positioning and message strategy development:

Focus like a laser on your ideal prospect profile: Expect the battle to get bloody with those who want to go after anyone with a wallet. But just because your sales team is resourceful enough to win a few one-off deals does not mean they should affect your positioning strategy. By being ruthless about your ideal prospect, and realizing you can’t sell to everyone, your marketing will generate more ideal leads that are easier to sell to because they are made for your product. Plus even this ruthless approach attracts an occasional one-off sale. It’s the best of both worlds!

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