Do buyers care that Oracle has more enterprise cloud applications than anyone?

At first blush Oracle appears to be doing a fine job of executing the position that it has “more enterprise cloud applications than anyone.” It is the theme for a currently-running TV ad campaign, and when Oracle president Mark Hurd was asked by CNBC Thursday what sets Oracle apart of the competition, Hurd responded that we have “more enterprise cloud applications than anyone.” read more

20 Most Annoying B2B Software and Technology Marketing Buzzwords & Why They Are Ineffective

Buzz words Image

By definition, buzzwords are doomed to fail but it doesn’t stop B2B software and technology marketers from using them with great enthusiasm. According to Wikipedia, a buzzword is a word or phrase used to impress, or one that is fashionable. For example, “transformation” and “innovation” are some of the most fashionable buzzwords in B2B marketing today. They have quickly become over used and thus anyone who uses them is failing to differentiate which is one of the most critical factors in claiming a position in the market. read more

Stop using rotating panels on your home page

Rotating panels work great for general news and content sites like MSN, but most B2B technology companies shouldn’t use them on their home page. That’s because the home page is where you execute your positioning strategy; that one big idea; the compelling benefit that sets you apart from the competition; the reason your target buyer should care about your product or company. read more