Three financial reporting vendors fail to prove their transformational claim in latest positioning evaluation

The claim you make in your positioning statement needs to be substantiated otherwise it is a meaningless claim. Of course a claim that has no basis in fact is impossible to prove, as evidenced by three vendors who sell financial reporting and consolidations software, a market Gartner now calls “Cloud Financial Corporate Performance Management Solutions.” read more

How long should you stick with your positioning? When should you change it?

Once you have found the ideal positioning for your company or offering, you should stick with it for an extended period – at least 18 months and the longer the better – several years; perhaps forever. That’s because consistency and repetition are the keys to claiming a position in your market and giving it staying power. read more

Positioning mistakes common in back office software market for insurance carriers

If you’re looking for examples of the most common positioning mistakes in B2B software marketing, check out the eleven vendors who offer claims, billing and policy administration software for the insurance industry. Only two companies – EIS Group and Guidewire – are doing positioning right with asterisks. I’ll explain later in this competitive positioning assessment. read more

Can the transformational talk please stop!

I don’t think B2B technology marketers have any idea what a true transformation is. Transformation means to change from one form to another. Caitlyn Jenner is a good example of a transformation. With Caitlyn in mind, how many businesses turn into something totally different? One in one hundred, maybe. And how many B2B software companies are truly changing the way their customers do business? None. read more

Connect with buyers by telling them a good story

I make a living helping B2B software companies position effectively, but I recently sent an e-mail to a prospect telling him to hire a good writer rather than me. While the prospect’s position wasn’t very compelling, the writing was terrible. The prospect needed a quick fix, not a several month positioning project. I felt a good writer would give the prospect time to do positioning right. read more

B2B tech marketers don’t spend enough time on positioning

It comes as no surprise to me that B2B software and technology marketers don’t spend enough time on the positioning process. I’ve got three positioning projects going on right now, and two of them have been on hold at one point or another due to more pressing priorities. I’m concerned that these delays will force my clients to rush through the positioning process they are learning and not devote enough time to it. read more